To whom it may concern:

I had the misfortune of putting my home on the market because of a requirement to move, just as the market declined.  I went from a situation a year before of having notes placed in my mailbox asking if I wanted to sell, to being one of multiple homes on the market in my neighborhood and in my price range.  Many of those listing their homes had to sell, putting even more pressure on an already difficult situation.


The process of selling a home in this environment taught me a lesson that will prove invaluable in the future.  There is a huge difference in the skills, strategies and work ethic required to sell a home in a challenging market from those required in a “normal” or “hot” market. 


After a lot of frustration, disappointment and I believe missed opportunities with other agents, I contacted Sandra.  I only wish I had found her sooner, because Sandra Possesses that talent needed.  She convinced me she would sell my home and she would sell it for a price that reflected its value.


Sandra kept her word.  She created a specific strategy for my home. In 35 days after having the house on the market for a year, we had two solid offers and a third waiting in back up.  My house sold for a price that made me happy. I do not believe it would have occurred without Sandra.


John Williams


Sandra Green-Murray
Sandra Green-Murray
400 Corporate Point #300 Culver City CA 90230