-         Arrange Property Showings

-         Assist with Financing

-         Provide Property Data

-         Explain Forms/Agreements

-         Monitor Closing Details

-         Represent Buyers on MLS and NON-MLS Properties

-         Prepare Property Value Study

-         Promote and Protect Buyers Interests AT ALL TIMES.

-         Disclose All Research About Property History

-         Structure Offer with Buyers Best Interests in Mind

-         Negotiate In Favor of Buyer for Best Price & Terms

-         Keep Buyers Capabilities Confidential

   Sandra was very helpful. I was buying the home while I was abroad and she managed to complete everything within two weeks. Her response time is amazing. Even after the purchase was completed, I have been asking her for all types of information and help. She has been very gracious and given me heaps of information ranging from repairs to cleaning!!!!!"

                                                                                                        Saiqa Butt

Sandra Green-Murray
Sandra Green-Murray
400 Corporate Point #300 Culver City CA 90230