The Westside Re-Imagined

Playa Vista is a fun and engaging community, already home to over 6,500 people in over 3,000 homes, that spurs you to get out and about without getting in the car or making elaborate plans.  You can work or bike to places that vary from shopping to creative work spaces, dining out to working out, entertainment to live events, all from your doorsteps. A place nature lives in harmony with people. Close to the beach and part of LA's vibrant Westside.  If you're looking for balance in your life - look no further.

"Our community design and smart growth plan received the Ahwahee Award, created by nationally-renown architects and urban designers to recognize more, pedestrian-friendly communities."

                            Bob Turbin, Vice President, Playa Vista

Sandra Green-Murray
Sandra Green-Murray
400 Corporate Point #300 Culver City CA 90230